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Halsey Albert Henry, Lauder Hugh, Brown Phillip & Wells Amy Stuart (dir.) (1997). Education, Culture, Economy, and Society. New York : Oxford University Press. 
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Keywords: effet établissement, justice, politique éducative, synthèse internationale, théorie de l'éducation
Creators: Brown, Halsey, Lauder, Wells
Publisher: Oxford University Press (New York)
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It aims to establish the social study of education at the centre stage of political and sociological debate about post-industrial societies. In examining major changes which have taken place in the late twentieth century, it gives students a comprehensive introduction to both the nature of these changes and to their interpretation in relation to long-standing debates within education, sociology, and cultural studies.

The extensive editorial introduction outlines the major theoretical approaches within the sociology of education, assesses their contribution to an adequate understanding of the changing educational context, and sets out the key issues and areas for future research.


1. Introduction: The Social Transformation of Education and Society , P. Brown, A. H. Halsey, H. Lauder, and A. S. Wells

Part One: Education, Culture, and Society

2. The Forms of Capital , Pierre Bourdieu
3. Class and Pedagogies: Visible and Invisible , Basil Bernstein
4. Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital , James S. Coleman
5. The Post-Modern Condition , Krishan Kumar
6. Crossing the Boundaries of Educational Discourse: Modernism, Postmodernism, and Feminism , Henry Giroux
7. Having an Postmodernist Turn or Postmodernist Angst: A Disorder Experienced by an Author Who is Not Yet Dead or Even Close to It , Jane Kenway
8. Feminisms and Education Gaby Weiner

Part Two: Education, Global Economy, and Labour Market

9. Why the Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer , Robert B. Reich
10. Education, Globalization, and Economic Development , Phillip Brown and Hugh Lauder
11. The New Knowledge Work , Stanley Aronowitz and William DiFazio
12. Education, Skill Formation, and Economic Development: The Singaporean Approach , David N. Ashton and Johnny Sung
13. Human Capital Concepts , Maureen Woodhall
14. The Gendering of Skill and Vocationalism in Twentieth-Century Australian Education , Jill Blackmore
15. Can Education Do It Alone? , Henry M. Levin and Carolyn Kelley

Part Three: The State and the Restructuring of Teachers' Work

16. Education and the Role of the State: Devolution and Control Post-Picot , John Codd, Liz Gordon, and Richard Harker
17. The Global Economy, the State, and the Politics of Education , Roger Dale
18. Educational Achievement in Centralized and Decentralized Systems , Andy Green
19. On the Changing Relationships Between the State, Civil Society, and Changing Notions of Teacher Professionalism , Geoffrey Whitty
20. Changing Notions of Educational Management and Leadership , Gerald Grace
21. Assessment, Accountability, and Standards Using Assessment to Control the Reform of Schooling , Harry Torrance
22. Restructuring Schools for Student Success , Linda Darling-Hammond
23. Restructuring Restructuring: Postmodernity and the Prospects for Educational Change , Andy Hargreaves

Part Four: Politics, Markets, and School Effectiveness

24. Politics, Markets, and the Organization of Schools , John E. Chubb and Terry M. Moe
25. Education, Democracy, and the Economy , Hugh Lauder
26. The `Third Wave': Education and the Ideology of Parentocracy , Phillip Brown
27. Circuits of Schooling: A Sociological Exploration of Parental Choice of School in Social Class Contexts , Stephen J. Ball, Richard Bowe, and Sharon Gewirtz
28. African-American Students' View of School Choice , Amy Stuart Wells
29. Choice, Competition, and Segregation: An Empirical Analysis of A New Zealand Secondary School Market, 1990-93 , Sietske Waslander and Martin Thrupp
30. [Ap]parent Involvement: Reflections on Parents, Power, and Urban Public Schools , Michelle Fine
31. Can Effective Schools Compensate for Society? , Peter Mortimore

Part Five: Knowledge, Curriculum, and Cultural Politics

32. Introduction: Our Virtue , Allan Bloom
33. The New Cultural Politics of Difference , Cornel West
34. On Race and Voice: Challenges for Liberal Education in the 1990s , Chandra Talpade Mohanty
35. The Silenced Dialogue: Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People's Children , Lisa D. Delpit
36. What Postmodernists Forget: Cultural Capital and Official Knowledge , Michael W. Apple
37. The Big Picture: Masculinities in Recent World History , R. W. Connell
38. Is the Future Female? Female Success, Male Disadvantage, and Changing Gender Patterns in Education , Gaby Weiner, Madeleine Arnot, and Miriam David

Part Six: Meritocracy and Social Exclusion

39. Trends in Access and Equity in Higher Education: Britain in International Perspective , A. H. Halsey
40. Education and Occupational Attainments: The Impact of Ethnic Origins , Anthony Heath and Dorren McMahon
41. Problems of `Meritocracy' , John Goldthorpe
42. Equalization and Improvement: Some Effects of Comprehensive Reorganization in Scotland , Andrew McPherson and J. Douglas Willms
43. Social Class Differences in Family-School Relationships: The Importance of Cultural Capital , Annette Lareau
44. The Politics of Culture: Understanding Local Political Resistance to Detracking in Racially Mixed Schools , Amy Stuart Wells and Irene Serna
45. Cultural Capital and Social Exclusion: Some Observations on Recent Trends in Education, Employment, and the Labour Market , Phillip Brown
46. Studying Inner-City Social Dislocations: The Challenge of Public Agenda Research , William Julius Wilson
47. Racial Stratification and Education in the United States: Why Inequality Persists , John U. Ogbu
48. The Bell Curve Wars , Steven Fraser
49. The Family and Social Justice , A. H. Halsey and Michael Young
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